Unhinged, Book 2 in the Unraveled Renegade Series, Coming 01/13/22! Pre-order now for 0.99!

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Love and hate collide when Greg Rodwell spills his secrets to two women, torching all three worlds.


Yeah, I did it. In pouring out my heart to my married best friend, fate handed me an opening along with my unzipped fly, and I flung it against a wall before setting it all on fire. What I did… I should regret it, but the only lesson I learned was I should’ve done it sooner. Still, I know this will haunt Hadley and me forever.


On the other hand, living with Simone’s betrayal—mocking me and setting me up just like they did to me over a decade ago—I’m a live wire of animosity. My darkness was never supposed to see the light of day, but she gift-wrapped it for the world to tear open. She trashed our friendship. I hope that fact haunts her forever too.


Ditching Richmond, that life-changing night, and both chicks, I try to restart or take a breather—something my sister never had before she died. Unfortunately, and uninvited, I’m not the only passenger on this displeasure cruise. My recent screw-up is a roadblock in every way imaginable until I discover her weakness: guilt. I grab on to that sucker because she wants to make it right with me to ease her conscience. Which she will. To rebuild my life, I need a tour guide to show me the ropes, in a bedroom and with a woman. While I lack the experience, she’s skilled in that department. And before I cut her loose, she’ll make me one too. She owes me. Restraint be damned.



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Greg Rodwell will charm your heart but wreck your soul.


The wrecked myth, foul-mouthed man, and legendary screw-up, who’s in love with his married best friend. That’s me. It’s my fault she married the local douchebag, faux celebrity who hates my guts. Now she has his baby.


Or so she thinks.


Although we didn’t go there, that innocent night we had together wasn’t so virtuous on my part. The truth would not only blow her mind but rock our world. Beyond twisted, I have wrongs to right, a woman to win, and vows to break. My heart be damned.


UNSCREWED is the start of a new series, but you’ll achieve maximum shock and awe if the Wild Sparks Series and The Keys to Jericho are read first.

“UNSCREWED should come with its own VIP parking pass and annual membership because it is a theme park-worth roller coaster.”


~ forevrevanescnt, Bookbub reader 


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